Family Life coaching is your opportunity to take your family from good to great! 

What is a Family Life Coach?

Sometimes in life you just need that extra nudge, someone to vent to, or maybe some advice in a certain area. This is were your life coach comes in. I am here to empower you and your family to be all you've ever dreamed of. Need that extra dose of daily encouragement? Life can be stressful and with

seasons always changing  before we know it we are stuck in a rut and can't seem to find the motivation to get moving. As your life coach I am here to help you set and meet your goals and aspirations. 

Parenting got you stumped? Are you tired of having to throw a fit to be heard by your children? As your life coach I am here to give you tips and tricks to distress and be the parents your kids will respect and honor. We all know they didn't come with  instructions and there are moments we all feel beat down and hopeless, but I can help you move forward in a positive way.  I am also available for coaching ages 12-up. Your pre-teens and teens struggle everyday with life and the curve balls it throws. Sometimes your child just needs that outside encouragement and guided attitude adjustment, let me help you with that.

** Life coaching is not a replacement for treating or diagnosing mental health issues. 

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Family Life Coaching with Propel is super easy.

Once payment is received you'll be given access to our HIPAA approved app for your coaching sessions with our certified family life coach, Karen Rodgers. 

You can schedule weekly sessions, or use our unlimited plan for daily access and coaching. 

All unlimited sessions are completed through our HIPAA approved app, 100% confidential, and affordable. 

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I've gone to Karen for life and family advice over the years, and I'm always so blessed every time. She walks you through issues with patience, care, and love -never rushing, always full of understanding. I'm so thankful for such people as these, God places in our lives just when we need them. <3

                                          Brea S.

Karen is an amazing person and really helped me through some difficult times in my life. When my dad passed away, I started to shut myself off. Karen coached me through the whole ordeal and helped me to strengthen my relationship with God and stay connected to life. I would have never made it through without her help.                             

                                           Jessica N.

My son has been with Karen for close to a year and my wife and I have seen how his communication skills and outgoingness has developed from when  he first started.

We can't thank Karen enough for the communication and life skills she has and continues to teach our son. 

                                              Jaime M.