1-hour session 

2020 Special $20.20 per 60/minute session. 

$75/1 hour session

This plan is for one 1-hour session paid at the time of scheduling. You can choose texting or a phone conversation from our private line. You can pay for as many sessions as you would like. Usually, one session per week is how it's done. Text coaching is a great way to complete your session right from work, commute or laying on your couch relaxing. 


2020 Special $50/month


Our best selling plan!!

This plan includes 24/hr access to a HIPAA approved app. You'll have 24/hr messaging availability and weekly activities assigned by your life coach right to your phone. This plan also includes an uninterrupted 1-hour one-on-one session with your life coach weekly.  Your coach will respond to any and all daily messages through the app within two- hours of receiving Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm. 

You can cancel anytime.