"As the deer pants for the water brooks"

This morning I was reading Psalm 42 and verse 1 really stood out to me. "As the deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants for you, O God." You may not have much experience with deer up close, but maybe you've had a dog or been around a dog when they're panting for water. My lab sadie, especially in this Arizona heat will pant at the door and run inside straight to her water bowl, why? because she's thirsty and she knows the only thing that will quench her thirst and cool her down is fresh cool water. She doesn't want to play her favorites game of fetch, eat, or even rest until she's had what she's yearning for, water.

One of the definitions of pant is "Long for, or long to do, something."it makes you pant for more"synonyms:yearn for, long for, crave, hanker after/for, ache for, hunger for, thirst for, be hungry for, be thirsty for, wish for, desire, want; More

It made me stop and really think, do I long for God? Do I crave God and his presence? Do I ache for him to the point that nothing else will satisfy me?

My husband and I have been married going on 12-years and when I am away from him, even if it's just while he's at work I miss him. I miss having him at the house, hearing his voice, looking at him, just knowing he is here with me. Last night I had went to bed before him, which is a rare occasion, but he was playing a video game with our son and he works so much I didn't want to interrupt their time together so I went on to bed. I was laying in bed and I started missing him and I kid you not no longer did that thought go through my head and my phone alerts me of a text. It was Tim saying he missed me. You see we love one another, we are one, and when we are apart we miss that connection.

Before I met Tim I didn't long for him because I didn't know him, but once we started talking I wanted to talk to him all the time. When we would be at work we would text constantly because we longed for one another, we had built a relationship and no one could satisfy that "need" or "want" but Tim, no one and no thing.

The more time we spend in Gods presence, the more time we talk with him and meditate on him the stronger that connection will be and before we know it we will be longing, yearning, panting, for/after him. No one or no thing will be able to satisfy that hunger/thirst, but God and his presence. We won't be able to get enough of him and we will, as the deer pants for the water brooks long for God.

I can guarantee you he is longing for that intimate relationship with you, so if you're not in the place in your relationship with God that you're panting after him, start today, build that relationship with him. There is nothing in all the world like the love and fulfillment of a daily walk with Jesus, try it, you won't be sorry.

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