Baby Steps...

One thing I have learned is that as a hypoglycemic not eating all the sugar I was I need to eat more frequently.  While I was at Target on Friday my sugar starting dropping and I had to reach for an orange juice and I bought a Kind bar. The episode pretty much ruined my night and so I chose to cook a quick and easy clean meal. We had taco lettuce wraps and they were delicious, I found the recipe on pintrest. If you’re not following me you can follow me at I have pinned alot of different clean eating meals and snacks.

Saturday I made Jambalaya and we also had a rotisserie chicken with banana’s and applesauce for our picky children. Today I made broiled  almond & Parmesan crusted cod fish with lemon garlic green beans and roasted sweet potatoes. I did not care for the fish, but my husband loved it. Our children were not particularly fond of any of the meals and resorted to a fruit smoothie.They have had the hardest time with this new way of life. Our oldest daughter has already lost weight and it was very noticeable today at church. She said it’s not from the clean eating, but from not eating…haha.

Tonight I made some more granola and I also found a recipe for 100% whole wheat bread, so I thought I would try it. It was very easy to make and unbelievably amazing. The true test was seeing if my little picky eaters would like it.They LOVED it and were just raving over it as they along with us ate an entire loaf…lol. I also made up some egg salad for this weeks lunches and two out of three of our children loved it. It was the first food our son ate today with any substance.

We had a busy few days, but we managed to eat clean and I am loving this new lifestyle. Yes, it is definitely more work, but it feels so amazing knowing I am feeding my family good healthy food. I still feel like I am withdrawing from sugar, but God has really helped me. I have not had any major cravings for sugary foods, with the exception of all the Valentines Day candy that was on sale tonight at Walmart staring at me. My food processor gave out on me this afternoon, so my hubby took me to buy one and normally I would have loaded my buggy up with 50% off candy. Instead we bought the kids a stuffed animal and called it a night. Baby steps…Baby steps.

Meals and Snacks I have prepared the past couple days. 

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