Freedom From the Addictions of my Flesh

My family and I were introduced to the documentary Fed Up and it was definitely an eye opener for my husband and I both. If you know me then you know I have struggled with my weight all of my adult life and as I am getting older that weight has taken a toll on my body. I have also watched my daughters begin to struggle the same battle and as a mom it was really getting to me, however, I just did not know what to do. I don’t want them on a roller coaster ride of diets and all the latest “get skinny” trends, to me that is just as unhealthy. I also did not want them to be my age and feel the way I do because of my food choices.

I realized through this documentary I am addicted to sugar and so are my children.

As most families in this season of life we live on a tight budget and healthy food is expensive. We can hit up Mcdonald’s for $10 and everyone is happy and satisfied, but I could not cook a healthy clean meal that cheap, or so I told myself. I took a couple weeks and did alot of research as well as going to Trader Joe’s and our local farmers market to check out prices. What I did find online were amazing ideas, but fitting them into our budget was not feasible. I decided I would begin blogging again and share what I am learning along the way and how I am making this new lifestyle of clean eating work for us. I am no expert, but I will pass along what I am learning and I would love your feedback. I am all for new ideas or maybe tips that have worked for your family.

Allow me to first clarify we are not on a diet, but have chosen to eat clean.This does not mean we will never have sugar or desserts or maybe even a soda once in a great while, but we will try and save those for holidays or vacations. Hopefully, we will find better ways of meeting those sweet tooth’s along the way. As of yesterday we have no processed foods and everything with very few exceptions is organic. Our meat comes from grass-fed cows and wild-caught fish. This makes me extremely happy!!

I have been using the website and she is amazing. You can subscribe to her mailing list and receive recipes and even menus with grocery lists. This is what I did for our first week. We began yesterday by going to our local farmers market and buying local fruits and veggies. I love the farmers market here because their produce is super cheap and it’s local. Then we hit up Trader Joe’s and bought the other things on our list switching to organic milk, cheese, yogurt, and replaced our flour for 100% whole wheat white flour and local honey for our sweetener.

I spent most of yesterday and today cooking. For dinner last night I made vegetarian fajitas with homemade wheat tortillas, they were delicious. Oh my goodness, seriously SO yummy! Then I made whole wheat banana pancakes and froze them for breakfast through the week. Today I made granola and crushed it up for cereal and I made chicken nuggets out of homemade 100% whole wheat bread crumbs, organic eggs, and olive oil. I also froze these for when the kids need something quick to eat or I am too tired to cook. This will help keep us away from the fast food or pizza joints for a quick meal. (links to recipes below)

My kids did not like last nights meal and they did not like the pancakes. However, they loved the smoothies made with organic yogurt, honey, mixed berries, and banana and my son had one with organic peanut butter. They also went crazy over the chicken nuggets and granola. We’re making small strides and I know in the process we will naturally lose weight and feel so much better. I am exhausted, but I find so much peace in knowing I am doing something amazing for my family. 

We did go over our budget amount this week, but I am thinking it will all even out in the end because several of the more expensive items were purchased in bulk so we won’t need to buy them next week. I am just trusting God to provide what we need to feed our bodies clean healthy foods. If we do our part then I know he will do his. I have done good, but when Tim had to run to the store earlier and it took just about everything in me to not tell him to bring me back a candy bar, ice cream, or a soda. I had to fight the urge and remember this is an addiction and it’s going to have to be broke. Addictions aren’t easy to break as we all know, but the first step to making a change is knowing there is a problem.


Chicken Nuggets

Banana Pancakes

Veggie Fajitas

Whole Wheat Tortillas

Granola (I added cranberries):


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