Guess What?!

Yesterday I caught up on laundry and did some cooking. I made veggie burgers for dinner and none of us but my hubby liked them. I was able to get mine eaten, but it was seriously not appetizing.

Today I put Spicy Beef & Bell Pepper in the slow cooker. When we got home from church I made a pot of brown basmati rice and some sautéed squash and onions. It was an extremely delicious Sunday lunch and filling. I found the recipe on Pintrest and I used their pic because I forgot to get a pic of mine. I will be making this dish again for sure.

Tonight I got my granola for the week made and my bread for the week is currently rising.

I have an announcement!!! I have lost 10-pounds in 3-weeks that’s even on vacation. I am SO excited!!!

I hope you all had a blessed Sunday. Remember tomorrow is a new day so if you didn’t make the best food choices today, it’s okay, start fresh tomorrow. Lean on God for strength and wisdom, he’s got you.

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