Healthy Body, I'm coming for you!!

Like so many I have struggled with being overweight my whole adult life. I have tried several different weight-loss plans, programs, new diet fads, and while most of them worked it was not something I was able to commit to and I would get busy with life and activities and reach back to my familiar quick food fixes and emotional eating.

Every time I would see my doctor she would talk with me about my obesity and ugh I hate that term, but she was correct if something didn't change I was not going to live a long life to see my children grow and be around to enjoy my future grandchildren.

Although I did not have any major health problems, I was always in pain. My back hurt, my ankles hurt, my knees hurt, and I had gastrointestinal issues. I had got to where over the past several years my mind felt foggy, I was always exhausted, and finding myself not wanting to make plans on the weekends because I just wanted to sleep. I would spend my entire Saturday in bed sleeping or watching TV. I watched my family doing things and enjoying family time and while my heart wanted to be with them having fun and enjoying our day off I was too tired and felt yucky.

In June of 2018 we had a health scare with our 10-year old son. He was diagnosed with two different heart conditions and the cardiologist told us now was the time to change his eating habits and to make sure he was being active so he could live past the age of 40. I got in the car leaving the doctor that day and wept because I knew change had to happen. This time had to be different. Knowing that the importance of this was life or death for my son changed my perspective completely. It was no longer just about me, it was about my family, and if you're a parent you know what I mean. We will do anything for our children...

That very day I went home and threw out all the sugar and processed foods in our home and began cooking all of our meals as healthy as I knew how. Honestly, I was overwhelmed when I researched diets and weight-loss programs, it was all so much detail and I was lost in translation. Then I would feel stressed because I wanted to help my family, but I just didn't know the best way to go about it. I did start losing weight, a few pounds here and there and then we went on vacation and I let my guard down and before I knew it we were heading back into that old cycle.

I had a few friends who had started a program and had seen crazy good results in a short period of time and even a couple other people who had been using this program for years and maintained their weight loss. A precious friend had reached out to me over a year ago after I had changed my mind about weight loss surgery and I just kind of blew her off thinking I knew what to do, but now I wanted more information. I had lost 20lbs and already gained back 6lbs so I knew I needed help. The amazing thing was this program provided me with a personal weight loss coach for no extra cost to me. WHAT? This could be exactly what I need to get me off this roller coaster of dieting and into a new way of healthy living. Not to mention taking the confusion of what works and doesn't work away. I would have my own personal weight-loss, healthy lifestyle mentor to lead me in the right direction and remove all confusion.

I talked with her and she was so encouraging and helpful and I knew I wanted to try this program, if anything put it to the test. I am a very skeptical person when it comes to people trying to sell me something, but that's not what she was doing, she truly wanted to help me live a healthier lifestyle. She did a health assessment on me and discussed how everything would work. I began my health journey the following week and I noticed on day one this was different than anything I had ever done. I never got shaky, no dizziness, and no hunger. Day two I was expecting that detox headache like I have always experienced and the crankiness that comes with dieting, but it never happened.

Day three I woke up and it was the craziest thing, my mind felt clearer, it's the only way I know how to describe it. Then came the energy and let me tell you this was the biggest high for me.

I have to be up at 5:45am for work and by 9am I am dragging, but not anymore.

I am living everyday to the fullest now. I have so much energy I can't even nap if I wanted to. My morning fog and exhaustion is gone, my afternoon fog and exhaustion is gone, I am sleeping all night even though I've suffered with insomnia for years. I would take medicine to get to sleep, but I wouldn't stay asleep. As of today I've gone 3 nights without my sleeping meds and slept all through the night.

I was sick last week and with my low immune system I catch everything and it will knock me out of commission for a week, but not this time. I literally was having to make myself rest because the doctor told me to. Oh and I lost 16lbs in two weeks, so that's 30lbs down since June. I still have a ways to go, but this isn't a diet, it's a healthy lifestyle and when your 16-year old daughter who also struggles with her weight takes notice and joins the program too, you know you're on to something good.

Who wants to make a change for the better? Who wants to feel amazing and losing weight just be icing on the cake? Who wants to join my healthy journey with me? I would love to talk with you and do a complimentary health assessment for you and tell you more about this program. If you're tired of being tired, schedule a time to talk with me under the booking tab above. Let's do this together!!

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