It's a conspiracy I tell you!

Seriously it’s been over 9-weeks and I still have crazy cravings for soda and ice cream. Tonight my husband is at work and he had to stop by the store on the way home to get milk. It took all the will power I could muster up to not ask him to bring me home some blue bell. What does he do? He walks in with Easter candy and is all smiles, “it was only a quarter a piece, I thought you could use a treat.” he says

SERIOUSLY?? Are you trying to keep me fat? His reply “Well, babe I was just trying to do something nice for you, just don’t eat it.” You’re talking to a recovering sugar addict that just used all her will power to not ask for ice cream, I am eating that snickers egg…lol. That is exactly why I don’t keep junk in the house because when I am having a weak moment I don’t want it easily accessible.

It’s a conspiracy, I’m telling you he loves me fat!

So, do the cravings ever go completely away? PMS screams for chocolate, ice cream, and soda, Ahhhhhhh! 

Okay, I feel better. I did walk Monday and Tuesday and yesterday I worked for a couple hours pulling weeds and planting flowers with our kids ministry. Tonight I just didn’t feel like walking, but I’ll try and push myself tomorrow. I did lose 4-pounds this past week. My two girls are losing like crazy and are looking amazing. They’re feeling better too. They’ve been riding bikes alot and playing basketball. The pool is being updated but once it’s completed we’ll be swimming and I plan to get to the weight room here in our community this weekend.

I hope everyone is having a good week and I would greatly appreciate prayers and some words of encouragement for my sweet thoughtful husband…lol.

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