It's a wild ride!

I have not set down and taken the time to write in the last couple days because I have been so busy. However, I weighed in on Tuesday my four week mark and I am down 21-pounds. My doctor on Wednesday was so proud of me. She knew as soon as she walked in the room something had changed. That made me feel really good and pushed me to keep going, it’s always nice to have a compliment. I am still extremely over weight, but I am feeling so much better. I am sleeping better, I have more energy, less headaches, and even less body aches with just 21 pounds lost.

My son who will be 7 in a few months has been having tummy trouble for going on 4-weeks. Last night after church he was crying and couldn’t hardly stand up straight. We took him to his doctor the first thing this morning and he had lost 2 pounds. She did some blood work and another test and we’re waiting on those results, but she in so many words said Isaac was starving himself and it has caused gastritis. She prescribed him some zantac and wants us to just give him whatever he will eat. She said he needs to gain weight not lose weight. I felt terrible that he was so hungry his tummy was hurting and so we stopped at McDonald’s on the way home and got him a happy meal. He had that happy meal gone in about 5-minutes.

Then late afternoon he had mac n cheese at Paradise Bakery, and spaghetti for dinner. He is already feeling some better. McDonald’s smelled so yummy, but I resisted for myself. Tonight at Paradise Bakery he was eating his cookie real slow and tormenting his sisters. He was saying “yummy” and “I am so lucky” lol, his kids meal came with the cookie I wouldn’t buy him one and not them. Then with the last few bites he was putting it in front of my nose, little stinker.

Tuesday night I made Turkey burgers and they were amazing. My daughters even liked them. I just added the following to ground turkey and made patties; chopped red bell peppers, spinach, chopped garlic, and spices. Then we ate them on homemade wheat buns. Yesterday I made some fresh bread, peanut butter granola for cereal, peanut butter granola bars, and a delicious salad with raspberry vinaigrette.

Tonight I made spaghetti w/ ground turkey and whole wheat pasta and organic yogurt w/ sliced bananas, cinnamon, granola, and drizzled honey. I bought the organic marinara from Trader Joe’s and added chopped yellow and red peppers, fresh garlic, ground turkey, and fresh spinach. It was delicious.

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