Just call me Betty Crocker!

Today has been a busy yet productive day. I went to Trader Joe’s and the Farmer’s Market early this morning and came home and got everything organized and put away. I spent the rest of my morning and most of my afternoon cooking and baking for this week.

Today I made whole wheat buns, whole wheat loaf bread, chili, whole wheat breaded chicken tenders, blueberry muffins, gravy, whole wheat mac n cheese, and peanut-butter granola bars. The last batch of blueberry muffins I made were not good at all, but I found a new recipe on pintrest and I love them and so did the kids.

Tonight we had chicken tenders w/ gravy because my children are from the south and my son refuses to eat chicken strips without gravy…lol. We also had some whole wheat parmesan mac n cheese and orange slices. I made the chili for my mom because she loved the pot I made last week so much.

I walked about a mile and a half this afternoon. It was so hot here in Arizona that I burned out quickly. Some exercise is better than none and I am just happy to be eating better and exercising. I am tired from cooking all day and I think I am going to offer my oldest some money to help her little brother with his homework, hey don’t judge me I worked hard today…lol.

Tomorrow I plan to make some blueberry and plain pancakes to freeze and some granola for cereal. I wanted to get it all done today, but I just ran out of time. Cooking and baking is time consuming. We have some new meals planned for this week like turkey burgers. I hope the kids will approve of the new meals. My son ate more tonight at dinner than he has since we began eating clean, besides when we went to paradise bakery a couple times.

Tomorrow will be 4-weeks since we began our clean eating journey. I am excited to see how much weight we have lost. I wish I would have done measurements because I know my oldest daughter has lost inches.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday and if you have any questions or suggestions I am all ears.

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