Keep on keeping on!

  I am still alive…lol, and I haven’t given up, we have just been so busy unpacking and trying to get settled in our new home. I have not been baking much, but we have continued to eat healthy. I have not lost any weight this week, but I haven’t gained either. I’m sure once I begin walking again this next week my weight loss will start up. I did find out yesterday that I am anemic and my doctor put me on iron. I have had so much more energy eating clean, but I tired easily. I am glad she did blood work and I am hoping this iron will make a difference for me.

My girls are getting skinny. My oldest is down to 132 from 154 and my youngest is down to 152 from 164. They are looking so much better and I have noticed they’re not as tired as usual. However, my oldest is a teenager so she’s definitely lazy, but not sleeping as much through the day.

Next week I should be able to get back in the groove of baking my bread, cereal, muffins, pancakes, etc. I do have finals this week so it may be the following week.

I am so proud of us though for sticking with the clean eating even through the chaos of moving and staying with my parents for a week. I will say this past Wednesday I had an emotional eating moment and had some pizza and a mini twix and mini reeses egg. It happens sometimes and it’s still way better than what I would have gotten into a couple months ago.

I hope everyone has a good Easter weekend and you take time out of the busyness to remember what Jesus did for us and why we celebrate Easter. He’s a beautiful savior and what he did for us released us from the bondage of this world.

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