Unexpected Events

My precious husband woke up sick today. He rarely gets sick and even when he does he keeps going, so when he called into work I knew he must be feeling awful. The girls and I took advantage of having the car today and got some shopping done. Normally these shopping trips end with a drive-thru at a fast food place of their choice or Starbucks. However, today even though my stomach was growling I resisted the urge and came home and heated up some of the chicken nuggets I froze yesterday. Knowing that I could come home to something already prepared and healthy made me very proud of myself and my hard work the past couple days.

I took my sweet man to the urgent care clinic by the house because he thinks he has the flu and he asked me to get him some chicken noodle soup and Gatorade. I gasped at the thought…lol. I stopped by the store and got a rotisserie chicken and some organic carrots and added the ingredients I already had at home and prepared him some chicken noodle soup that was oh so yummy and oh so healthy. I felt good about making a wiser choice for my family and I think I will freeze some for the future. I did get him his Gatorade even against my better judgment, he was sick and gave me the puppy dog eyes…lol. Hey, one step at a time.

I had to bribe my son to be good for his sisters while we were gone to the doctor and then I forgot his treat. When I got home empty-handed he was quite disappointed and so I allowed him one scoop of ice cream from the Blue Bell still in the freezer from prior to our clean eating journey. I wanted some so very badly and so I took one bite and then resorted to my dark chocolate covered almonds from the health food store. I probably shouldn’t have even taken a bite, but compared to what I would have eaten this time last week I am proud of myself.

Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

1-small rotisserie chicken

2 organic carrots (I shaved them with my potato peeler)

2 organic stalks of celery (I sliced them thin)

2-Tablespoons butter

4-cups organic chicken broth

3-cups water

1- pkg of whole wheat pasta of your choice (we only had pene on hand)

Season to taste with; garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, 2-bay leaves, and Tony Chachere’s Creole

While my pasta was boiling I added all the other ingredients along with the pieces of chicken pulled from the bone. I allowed this to simmer for about 30-minutes and then I added my pasta. I did not follow any recipe, just added this stuff together, but it was delicious and kid approved.

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