New Beginnings

I have not had the time to write, so much has been going on this past week. God has blessed our family with a new home. My husband and I have always lived in duplexes or apartments, and one time a mobile home. We have never had a garage. But tomorrow we will move into our first real home with a garage. God is SO good!!!

We moved all of our stuff last weekend and this week we’ve stayed with my parents for the kids spring break. We’ve had a wonderful week.

Last Saturday I made up some clean dishes to store in the fridge so we could have healthy choices to grab when we were busy and in a hurry. I made a big pot of turkey chili, tuna pasta salad, and whole wheat Mac n cheese w/ bacon. We did splurge the night of the move and had a couple slices of pizza.

Monday night we went to Paradise Bakery and I was encouraged to try a small cookie…haha. However, that night my dad had brought some home for my husband and my husband didn’t eat them all. I had two more. They were very small so the three probably equaled a normal size cookie. The rest of the week I cooked clean easy meals.

My dad and I have walked every night this week with the kids. The last two nights our speed automatically increased and we walked an easy mile. I’ll miss my dad next week, it’s been so nice walking and talking with him every night. He’s my earthly hero.

Yesterday was my bestie’s sons b-day party and I had some cake and a small scoop of ice cream. It was good, but the ice cream cake put me over the edge. I am definitely not used to sugary foods anymore.

One thing I’ve done is switch to turkey meat and the kids have not been able to tell the difference. My son even ate a turkey burger and was non the wiser…lol.

This completed week 5 for us and I am down 27-pounds. Ahhh! Two pairs of my pants have gotten so big I can pull them down without unbuttoning them. It’s an amazing feeling!

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