Oh Where, Oh Where, Did My Will-power go?

I was shocked to see that I hadn’t written on my blog since May, shame on me. We moved to a new home in April and through the move I just got relaxed. I wasn’t making the bread or granola anymore and I was looking for quick meals I could make while I was moving and unpacking. Then we allowed ourselves free days on holidays and my sons Birthday hit in June and the next day me and my bestie made a road trip to Texas and I just went crazy with soda, sugar, and fast food.

I didn’t stop once I got back home and then I made up my mind I would stop after my daughters Birthday in July and I just didn’t do it. My nephews were here for vacation and we just had a blast eating and cooking unhealthy meals and I am back to feeling yucky again. My body hurts, I am tired all the time, I don’t have any energy or motivation, I am emotional, and dealing with some medical stuff that had gotten better when I was eating clean.

My whole family has gained weight, I was so surprised at how quickly we began to put the pounds back on. My girls have had a love-hate relationship with the way we’ve been eating, they love the junk, but hate the way it makes them feel and look. My oldest daughter has begged for us to go back to clean eating. I’m so frustrated that I allowed us to get back to this way of eating. I am getting my thinking process back to where it needs to be and I honestly believe blogging helps me stay accountable.

We will be going grocery shopping this Sunday and we’re going back to Trader Joe’s and the farmers market. I am not looking forward to the week of detox and my body cleansing itself from all the toxins I have once again introduced to myself, but I know I will begin feeling much better. Our community has a work out center in the club house so we will finally be taking advantage of that, swimming, walking, and bike riding.

Please pray for us and that God will give me the strength to lead my family in the right direction for clean eating habits and taking care of our body’s. If you have fallen off the wagon, I encourage you to get back on and not beat yourself up over your past decisions. We all make mistakes, we all battle with our flesh, and we all have moments of weakness. The important thing is that we start again and not give-up.

I am going to attempt to at the very least blog a couple times a week, so if you don’t see me posting, please encourage me to do so. We all need accountability and encouragement from our peers to be the best we can for God, our families, and to take better care of our physical bodies.

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