I was able to go visit my parents in Texas over the 4th of July holiday, having no idea what God had in store for me. I love attending church with my parents, listening to my mom lead worship and my dad preach like old times. This particular service, my dad was on fire. I asked him and my mom to pray with me because I'm still having moments of asking God where do I belong, where do you want me right now.

I asked God to please speak to my heart and he used my dad in a mighty way to speak over me. God said he wasn't finished with me and that he is using this season to mature me and that he had graced me with wisdom. It was a super long word and it was like I could breathe easier than I had been able to in so long.

I have just been basking in his goodness and telling myself when I struggle, this is a season of maturing. As I was sitting in my recliner this evening going over my day God began to speak to my heart and I wanted to share with you all.

If you have never taken care of plants before there is different seasons for them, just like us. There is a seasoning of planting, growth, beauty, and then pruning. Pruning is very important to your plants and the process is removing anything dead on the plant, around the plant, and cutting back overgrowth. This process allows for the plant to be fruitful and increase in new growth.

I believe God takes us through a pruning season ever so often as well. For us pruning can be extremely uncomfortable because God is removing dead things from our life and things we have allowed to become comfortable to us, but just aren't beneficial for our lives. If we don't go through this process of pruning we will suffer spiritually.

My son Isaac has recently learned how to ride a bike and he rides ahead of his daddy, but unbeknownst to him his dad is on the lookout ahead of him for anything that could hurt him. If Isaac gets too far away or gets too close to other cars, wild animals, rough terrain, then his dad will call out to him to stop and change his course.

It's the same with us, if we're walking hand in hand with Jesus he is looking out for us and it's through that pruning he weeds out things that could eventually be harmful to us. Does Isaac want to stop when told to? Usually not, and many times it's because he doesn't understand, he's not seeing what his dad see's ahead, he's just enjoying the ride.

This is were trusting his dad comes into play, Isaac knows there is purpose in the command of his dad to stop or reroute and he may never encounter what he was being protected from. We have to trust God even when we don't understand, even when we can't see the harm in what we're doing or where we're headed. As His children he is looking out for our well-being and making sure we stay on the path to fulfill our destiny.

So, if you're in the pruning season, just know once this is over there will be new growth and beauty as a result of this season. Gods got you and your future, trust the process, it's for your good.

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