Reunited and it feels so good!

Well, as I said in my blog last week we threw out all the junk and went grocery shopping yesterday. We hit up Trader Joe’s and the Farmers Market and my fridge and pantry are once again full of fresh fruits, veggies, ground turkey, yogurt, etc. It was honestly not hard for me to throw out the junk, even my chocolate ice cream. I loved eating clean and I was so disappointed in myself for slacking so much over the summer. Planning meals and doing meal prep is a lot of work and it was just easier this summer to take a break, but I hope we don’t ever do that again. My home actually feels more peaceful knowing I am doing something good for my body and feeding my children nutritious foods. Knowing now when they go to grab a snack it’ll be fruits, veggies and hummus, yogurt, or a fruit smoothie, no more little debbie snacks, ice cream, cookies, or cake.

I did more research last week to make some changes that I felt we needed to change from our plan last time. I am cutting out some carbs. Instead of sandwiches for lunch everyday I made chicken salad and tuna salad. We can eat that with a few crackers, on a pita, as a lettuce wrap, etc. I bought Quinoa pasta for our pasta salad and spaghetti. We were eating too much bread, muffins, pancakes, etc. I was making it all homemade so it was clean recipes with the sugar cut out, but the carbs I believe were restricting my weight loss. I am excited to see how this will make a difference for us. I searched so many recipes and I made our menu out for the week before I went shopping. If you’re on a budget this is a lifesaver because you know exactly what you’ll need before you go shopping which will save you from buying un-needed items and making several trips back to the store through the week for things you needed, but didn’t get. I hang our menu for the week on the fridge and so it helps me and my family know exactly what is for breakfast, lunch, or snack that day. I also added a bedtime snack to the menu because everyone’s always wanting something quick before bed and I want us to reach for something healthy and so now we can look at the menu and know exactly what we should be reaching for.

I am all about organization and I need structure or everything falls apart…lol. I get off my routine and I don’t know what to do with myself, so staying organized with my meal plans and shopping really help me to stay focused and to stick to the goal at hand. I also have one day of meal/snack prep, this helps when you’re super hungry. I have noticed when I am super hungry and feeling shaky I am more likely to hit the fast food joint or grab something unhealthy because it’s quick and easy, but if I have already cut up cucumbers or strawberries I will definitely grab those items first. I shopped yesterday, so once I relaxed some from my trip and my heat exhaustion (I live in Arizona…lol) I got busy. I made the chicken and tuna salads for the week, I cut up all the fruits and veggies that need cut up and I washed all the apples. Everything is clean, cut up, and easy to grab at a moments notice. The only daily prepping is dinner, but I have my handy menu so I know in the morning anything I’ll need to do to prep for that evening.

I just finished up dinner for tonight, turkey meatloaf muffins with steamed cauliflower and sweet peas. It smells so yummy and I am excited to call my family to the dinner table, so if you will excuse me I will most likely blog again tomorrow. Enjoy the pics and don’t drool too much. If you’re contemplating a healthier lifestyle, today is your day, you can do it!!

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