I have been craving sugar like nobody’s business. I don’t understand why into my fourth week it has become so difficult. Sugar is so addictive! I’m sure it’s partly a hormonal thing, thank you Eve!! lol. Thursday when I rode the bike to pick up my son from school it was extremely difficult so I decided to take Friday and the weekend to allow my body to recover. I am still 15lbs down, my oldest daughter is 17lbs down, my youngest daughter 9lbs down, and my husband is 10lbs down in just 3-weeks of eating clean.

Although I have been craving sweets and junk food like crazy I have been a good girl. I found a yogurt place close to my house that has healthy frozen yogurt and the strawberry only has 5g of sugar. I did allow myself a little treat, because hey, I am human…lol. I was also introduced to Paradise bakery and they have yummy salads made with antibiotic free poultry. My favorite is the chopped chicken cobb with avocado…yummy!!

I made the best organic chili Thursday and tonight I made whole wheat pasta salad with peas and cherry tomatoes  and  cilantro lime chicken. I thought it was delicious and so did my husband, but the kids were not fans by any means. I got the recipe’s off Pintrest. I have been finding several yummy clean recipes on Pintrest and I am still using the 100-days of real food site. Look me up and follow me on Pintrest and you’ll be able to see my clean eating pins.

I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend and if you have joined the clean eating band wagon I would love to hear from you.

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