"Sugar coma at its finest!"

If you have been following my blogs then you know that we’ve cut out sugar with the exception of holidays, vacations, and celebrations. Well, today being Easter and all we went all out.

There’s this candy that Russell Stover’s puts out every Easter called “Birds Nest” it’s toasted coconut dipped in milk chocolate. Oh my goodness they’re to die for and every Easter my hubby buys me a bunch of them. I had 3-last night, one today, then had cookies, candy, ice cream cake, and an unclean lunch which was oh so yummy, with a glass of sweet tea.

I seriously felt sick, drained, and passed out for a couple hours during our Fast & Furious marathon with our bestfriends.

I do regret eating it all and knowing that’s how I used to live every day. I’m so glad we’ve made better eating choices for our family. Our youngest daughter said she didn’t want sweets anymore because they made her sick too. YAY!!

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter, loved on Jesus, and didn’t go into a sugar coma as I did…lol.

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