Topsy Turvy: The Transition to Adulthood

I just recently became the mom of an adult child and let me tell you it's a season of twists and turns as she tries to find her path. Attempting to navigate in such delicate debris of teen-life meets adult-life is something I am learning super quick. You would think with 18-years leading up to this moment you would be more prepared, but you have no idea what's about to hit you around the next turn.

Your momma/papa-bear wants to come out and fix everything and make the path straight and clear with direction for the next chapter, but the logical side of whats best for your child is what will teach him/her in not only this immediate moment, but in their future as well. Doing what is best is not always the easiest route and can definitely come with an inner struggle to "fix" whats wrong.

We've spent the past 18-years being everything we can for our children, helping them through obstacles and giving them the answers, but there has to be a time to step back. It's not easy watching the tears flow, hearing the heartache in their voices when things don't go the way they had hoped or planned, but honestly this is where growth comes in. Isn't it through our own struggles and obstacles that we learn and grow and take that lesson into our future decisions? I know for me I learned way more through my own mistakes and hardships than I did listening to someone elses stories.

Your child's first response will be to run because they want to be comfortable again and we all know in the midst of the unknown we're not comfortable. When people hurt us or go against our wants or desires it is just part of our flesh to run and move on, but staying and moving forward is what makes the difference in a child staying a child or becoming a man/woman. There will ALWAYS be something or someone pressing back against you, it's just part of life. You run, it's just another face or situation with the same obstacle.

Be the truth your child needs to hear, they may not even want to hear it, but speak it anyway and I can assure you when it's needed it'll come ringing in their ear.

Encourage your children to stand for what is right, chase their dreams, and as they hit opposition encourage them to keep moving forward and as bad as you want to fix it or intervene, this is where you trust the foundation you built under them. They need to understand that not all opposition is a bad thing, there's an order to everything and when we get out of that things can go south real quick. God has a way of working out all things, so always point them back to Jesus, one day you'll be gone, but if they know to run to Jesus that's what they'll always fall back to.

Give them a chance to stand on their own two feet, to trust God for themselves, and watch God move on their behalf. There will be hurt along the way and you will want to step in, you will want to protect them, but just pray for them. It's time to allow God to do what needs to be done and as you watch it all unfold your faith will be strengthened too knowing God does have your babies in his hands.

It's your child's time to shine, make mistakes, grow, and become the one God designed and destined them to be. The obstacle course may have lots of terrain, but they'll reach the finish line, don't worry.

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