I’m an over the top planner and organizer. I plan every little detail out either in my head or on paper. My family doesn’t vacay without an itinerary for our adventure. My downfall has always been my plans falling apart. If I didn’t pen in an hour for sitting on the side of the road waiting on roadside assistance for gas on our trip, then there was no time for it! I realized when I was 29 after losing it because my mom ate a nugget from one of the kids meals it was time for an attitude make-over ASAP!!

     I’ve worked hard over the past 11-years to be mindful of my actions and reactions when something interferes with my plans or, God forbid, ruins them altogether. One of my realizations for this needed adjustment was standing back and watching my daughters whole world fall apart because her plans didn’t go as planned. I didn’t want that for her life. I knew that life was full of let-downs and disappointments and if I didn’t teach her how to go with the flow, then her life was going to be full of tears, anger, and loss of relationships. Because let’s face it, we are going to have unexpected things come up every day. 

    Now, I haven’t arrived yet, but I am getting better and for the most part I allow for the unexpected and hope for the best. It’s rare now that an event that I didn’t plan for will send me into a grown woman tantrum. And my daughter’s still learning too, but a lot sooner than I did. What transpired this blog into being written was the events of this weekend, and you guessed it, it didn’t go as planned. 

      My bonus nephew was turning one and his family party was Saturday. I woke up with a lot of unexplainable pain in my body and ibuprofen wasn’t doing the trick. I decided to at least just stop by and give him his gifts and say hi to everyone and so we did. He was so cute and the party was adorable and it was good to meet the rest of my friend’s family and everything. So we leave and I let my girls sit in the front and I climbed into the backseat. I planned to go home, take a muscle relaxer and lay out in the pool to relax and ease my pain. 

As I was getting out of the car I guess I had gotten too overheated and that mixed with the pain in my body caused me to pass out. When I passed out I fell and twisted my ankle and after sitting up I realized that my legs were burning from the hot pavement. -We do live in Arizona by the way… LOL.- When I go to stand up I realize I cannot put weight on my ankle because it was hurting, so the girls help me stand up and sit me down in the passenger seat, but I still just felt so weird. As the girls are trying to get me into the house I pass out again and fall to my knees, this time scraping up and bruising my knee and shin. Then when I come to again it’s like I got a burst of adrenaline and was able to walk myself into the house. My daughter said she had never seen me walk so fast. Once the adrenaline wore off I realized how bad my ankle and foot was hurting, so my daughter called my hubby home from work to take me to urgent care. They were concerned about the fainting and now my ankle possibly being broke.

   On the way to urgent care I broke out in a cold sweat and passed out again. So Tim took me to the ER instead of urgent care. 

Good news is my ankle isn’t broke, just sprained. So I’m still hobbling around, but I’m feeling better. The doctor said it was the pain and overheating that caused me to faint. 

      We had also planned a little party for my son’s 12th  birthday yesterday, so I had to release the control of all my plans to my family. I missed him opening gifts and singing happy birthday because the pain meds made me sleepy. But you know what... I survived. 

     It’s just like with the state our countries been in with Covid-19. This virus we have no control over has come in and just wiped out our plans. Our plans at work, graduation, vacations, weddings, school, and even funerals. Our normalcy has been shaken and most of it is completely out of our control. But you know what is in your control, ALWAYS?? Your attitude and the way you respond to these unexpected times in your life. We have a choice in how we will handle ourselves and treat those around us. You have a choice to make the best of what’s out of your control or fall apart and give up. So it wasn’t what you had planned. That sucks! So are you going to allow your plan to mutate or are you going to be miserable? 

    I choose to be happy and at peace in all circumstances. I may need a good cry every now and then, but afterwards it’s time to pull up my big girl pants and make the best of each situation I find myself in. I hope you will choose to be happy too. 

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