When God guides our steps...

I have always tried to instill Proverbs 16:9 into our children; "We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." I recall one day imp-articular when my girls were 9 and 6 and Isaac was 1-year old. We had gotten ready to go to a local indoor play area in town. We had invited my nephews an niece too, so getting 6-kids ready and out the door is a challenge in itself.

We had finally gotten everyone in the car and ready to pull out when I discovered I did not have my keys with me, and the door was now locked with my keys inside the house.

I had a choice in that moment, was I going to allow my anger to get the best of me or was I going to let this be a teachable moment for my children. As I am trying to break into our home my oldest daughter, Aubriauna is next to me and I could tell she was watching me closely and I was getting really frustrated that I could not get into our house. She looked up at me and said "Maybe God is protecting us from something, it'll be okay." YES! This is what we have been teaching you and now you're encouraging me with Gods word, YES! When you hear your child speak out what they've been taught it's such an amazing moment.

It wasn't long and I was able to get into our home, get the keys and we were on our way.

Over the years there has been so many times when things didn't go as planned and one of our kids will remind us "We can make our plans, but God guides our steps." This isn't always easy to be at peace with, especially if you're a planner and feel the "need" to be in control. This need to be in control is what caused me to begin leaning on Proverbs 16:9. When I was a teenager and young adult I would lose it if my plans fell through. It would literally ruin my whole day. There were moments on family vacations where if we couldn't stick to the itinerary I created my emotions would get the best of me. I didn't want to be that person, I didn't want to be that wife or mom, so I knew change was in order.

Now Aubriauna is 18 and she's in that season of "what's next?" trying to decided if she wants to intern at the church, get a full-time job, where should she apply, etc. She is also very much like her mom and wants things to go as she has planned and I feel for her because I know that struggle, so I have used this scripture so often the past several months. Speaking Gods word out over our family and our situation is vital and can be a game changer for sure.

When you're a child of God you can rest assure that he is guiding your steps to your destiny. Even if you veer off the trail Gods got you and he'll bring you back to where he needs you to be, so try not to worry about the future and whats next, just chase God and trust him to order your steps. And if your plans fall through or fail altogether, just know that God causes ALL things to work for our good. He's got you and he's got your future, you're going to be everything he created and designed you to be. Life doesn't always look like what we expected and things do not always happen in our time frame, but he's never late, he's ALWAYS right on time.

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