Who slipped me an energy pill?

I was not able to blog last night due to a bad migraine that lasted until this morning. I even missed my little man’s zoo field trip, but Daddy came to the rescue and they had a blast. I cooked most of the day yesterday and today getting meals ready for the kids for while we’re gone next week.

I’ll start first with last nights dinner, I made cauliflower crust pizza. The first one I made was just for the kids so it was only cheese. I loved the first slice right out of the oven, but once I went back for left overs it was totally disgusting.The second pizza I made was for me and my husband and he was home to use his muscles to squeeze more of the water from the cauliflower and it did make some of the crust crispier and it was really good right out of the oven. I don’t think I will be making this crust again, it was nice to try, but once was enough. I made some pizza’s for the kids for next week and I used whole wheat flour this time and so we’ll see if they approve.

Yesterday I made strawberry and lemon water in my big pitcher my precious bestie bought for me for my Birthday. It was some of the best water I’ve ever had and my husband and daughters approved as well. My son didn’t like it, which surprised me because he loves strawberries, but he just prefers plain water. I also made blueberry muffins and no one liked them. I used a recipe that’s just a generic recipe and you add what you want as far as berries or nuts. The recipe calls for orange juice and we just weren’t fans of the mix of orange juice and blueberries.

Today I made some more granola, but added in the cashews and pumpkin seeds to the mix. I also made homemade sloppy joe’s with carrots in the mix, it’s very delicious. As mentioned above I made mini homemade pizza’s, chicken fajita’s, homemade wheat tortilla’s, and chicken tenders all for next week. It would have been easier to just leave money for the kids to eat on next week, but I wanted them to stick to this healthier lifestyle. 

So, my son has been asking for a  fruit smoothie every night before bed. My cousin mentioned she adds spinach with her kids ice cream and calls it Ninja Turtle Ice Cream. I added spinach with his strawberry banana smoothie last night and he loved it. I didn’t tell him until it was about gone, but tonight he knew it was in there and said he didn’t care because it was yummy. Mom score there folks, I am thankful for the advice and my kids are coming around, slowly, but surely. My daughters even added spinach to their smoothies tonight and loved them.

I have had so much energy the past couple days and I have used it to cook, clean, do laundry, chase a 6-year old ADHD boy around and help mend arguments between two teenage (well one is and one is almost a teen) daughters..lol. I know this is just the beginning and it will be worth all this hard work in the end. My daughters have lost 13lbs combined and I have lost 6lbs in just one week and that makes me smile.

I am officially one exhausted lady and I am looking forward to our trip, just two more sleeps and we’ll be Vegas Bound. 

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