"You Make Me Feel Better"

I am a mom of three children, two-daughters and one-son. My youngest daughter, Pauline is about to be 16 and as we all know the teen years can be super difficult. Our bodies are going through so many changes, friend drama, peer pressure, and the list goes on and on. Pauline also struggles with social-anxiety and it takes a lot of strength and leaning on Jesus to push herself to go into public or places where there's large groups of people. If it's leading up to a day/time where she's about to be in that position she get's really quiet (which is not her character at all) she'll get fidgety, shaky, and even break out in hives. She will usually walk over and wrap her arms around me or climb in my bed beside me and cuddle up, saying "this is what I need, you make me feel better.

My son, Isaac who just turned 10 is the baby of our family and he has without doubt been spoiled by us all. We had moved his bed into our room for a while because he kept climbing in bed with us and we couldn't sleep, but that didn't work, he still climbed in my bed. So, we moved him back into his own room and the other night he came and climbed in my bed and was cuddling up to me and even though I was super uncomfortable, I was enjoying it as long as I could because I know these days will soon be over. After a while I said "Isaac, you need to go get into your bed, mamma needs to get some sleep." He said "I want to lay here because I love you and you make me feel better."

In those moments it doesn't matter how uncomfortable I may be, when my children "want" to be close to me I will hold them and love on them as long as they'll let me. There have been nights I won't get any sleep because one, two, or all three of our kids will be in our bed, but they're part of me and knowing I make them feel safe, happy, and loved it's so worth every bit of tiredness the following day.

You know it's the same with Jesus, he WANTS to be close to us, he wants us to want to be close to him. He wants us to feel loved, happy, and safe in his arms. But how often do we not take advantage of that? Unlike us he doesn't lose sleep or get uncomfortable and also unlike us he can literally take our pain, worries, and heartache away. He can heal our hearts, our scars, give us guidance, and grace us with wisdom.

I encourage you today to take time to love on Jesus and allow him to love on you. You may not be facing anything, you may be in a season of greatness, but he still wants to love on you and be loved on by you. We as earthly parents can fail our children and sometimes even unintentionally cause them pain, but Jesus will never hurt us and he is ALWAYS there for us. The word says in Romans 8:28; "

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." He literally seeks us out to bless us, to the point of even taking the bad, the trials, the hurt of this world and turning it for our good. Seriously, it doesn't get much better than that.

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