When Your Storm Becomes a Hurricane

          How do you deal with life in the face of tragedy? In this book, Karen Goude Rodgers chronicles her journey through a bitter divorce with a closeted homosexual husband and how God delivered her from the pain and heartbreak and brought her into a truly blessed life. She found love again, she found hope, and like the Biblical account of Job, God made beauty out of her ashes.


          From the foreword - "From the moment I was old enough to remember, my dream was to marry my Prince Charming and fill our home up with children. I dreamed of the day I would walk down the aisle to the man of my dreams and pledge my undying love. Having babies, a beautiful home, and the white picket fence seemed so close to my reach in the summer of 1999; however, the storm was brewing out of my sight, and it would lead me spiraling into a world of bitterness and anger, but also in finding my faith in God. This book is about how sin sought to destroy everything I was, but how God in all his glory swept in and gave me beauty for my ashes.


            If you have been touched by divorce, sexual abuse, or just need an uplifting story of hope and faith, you’ll love this memoir. If you’re a young woman waiting for your future spouse, I hope you find the courage to wait on God’s perfect timing through the openness and rawness of my story. If you’re in the midst of your hurricane and don’t know how you will ever make it through, I hope this book will give you the peace of knowing God sees you right where you are... He is carrying you to your destiny, and He is never late. Your time of dancing and laughter is right around the corner. Don’t lose hope; He’s got you! "


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